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Case Study

Scorebuddy's agent performance monitoring and gap analysis tool improves Beachbody's global customer service organization.

"Beachbody's global contact centers utilize Scorebuddy to assess the performance of agents who are both directly employed and managed by Beachbody, as well as agents who are part of customer service outsourcing partners"

- Doug Hammar, Director of Training & Development at Beachbody

Who is Beachbody

Beachbody is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs. They have a network of independent “Coaches” that help to empower over 23 million customers to achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Founded in 1998, Beachbody’s company mission is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. Beachbody products include both on-demand subscription-based, streaming services as well as nutritional and performance products. These products are sold to consumers directly as well as through a national network of coaches / independent distributors providing motivation for consumers. Beachbody Live instructors, a third category of distributor, teach Beachbody programs in their gyms.

Doug Hammar, Director of Training and Development in the Customer Service Branch of Beachbody, recently agreed to be interviewed by Scorebuddy. Doug and his executive team selected Scorebuddy; his team was responsible for rollout and training and the main point for utilization in the firm. we interviewed Doug and asked him to describe Beachbody’s experience with Scorebuddy and the process he applied to selecting it as their QA solution.

Why was Beachbody seeking a new solution?

Beachbody’s decided their previous QA solution was too rigid to accommodate changes in their business. The firm conducted research to select a new software solution to replace one they had. They were looking for a solution that would provide a great deal of flexibility; as attributes of their business and of agent performance had changed significantly based upon business priorities.

How Scorebuddy’s Flexibility Sold Itself to Beachbody

Beachbody’s business model has significantly evolved over the last several years and they needed a call center quality management solution, flexible enough to allow them to manage their contact center partners in several global locations as well as to accommodate recent and future changes in the business. The flexibility that Scorebuddy offered, it’s multi-tenant functionality along with its ability to accommodate future changes is what sold their team on the solution. In addition, an agent dashboard providing instant feedback directly to agents, was another major reason for selecting Scorebuddy

How is Scorebuddy used for Contact Center Quality Assessment?

Within Beachbody, Scorebuddy is being used in two major ways; as a random agent performance monitoring tool looking for individual coaching opportunities, as well as for trend and performance gap analysis across their global customer service organization.

Beachbody global contact centers utilize Scorebuddy to assess the performance of contact center agents who are both directly employed and managed by Beachbody, as well as agents who are part of customer service outsourcing partners in India, the Philippines and Mexico.

Scorecards are rolled out by corporate training and development across Beachbody, so that scoring, and reporting are consistent across the entire global organization. Beachbody quality teams in each location are an extension of the customer service team in the US.

Scorebuddy is being used:

  • As a random monitoring tool where QA teams select every 10th transaction to be monitored and scored;
  • By team leads responsible for monitoring every agent each week to determine Individual coaching opportunities;
  • To drive metrics on high level trends / performance gaps across the contact centers;
  • As a decision support system on a macro level to determine the most important priorities for coaching and development;
  • At the highest level across all locations to look for performance gaps indicating a training issue, process problem or some other root cause and where action plans are developed accordingly.

How Beachbody uses quality data and business intelligence to make strategic customer decisions

Quality scores are exported into a broader data / KPI environment, thus creating a decision framework that consolidates performance data across their global quality centers, this provides Beachbody with a high level, strategic view of their quality scores, coaching and training needs. Using a decision framework at this level for trend analyses provides Beachbody quality stewards with a prioritization of quality and coaching interventions.

Performance gaps in areas such as compliance, high revenue impact items and / or expense impact items are ordered according to business priorities. Coaching and development can then be applied according to these priorities.

At the highest level the data is combined across all locations to look for performance gaps or trends where there may be an underlying training issue or process problem; any reason where indications of performance issues are apparent across global sites. Reporting is produced weekly and weekly business reviews are conducted with local leadership teams for review and development of site specific action plans.

CSAT comparison with Scorebuddy scorecard and reporting data, and the creation of a business intelligence platform, will be the next step in the evolution of quality management for Beachbody.

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